Livestock Pedigree Data Management Using Radio Frequency Identification

Helmy Widyantara, Harianto Harianto, Madha Christian Wibowo, Rai Mardiana, Susijanto T. Rasmana


Boerka goat is a crossbreeding product of Australian boer goat and Indonesian local kacang goat. Boerka goat produce meat better than kacang goat and more suited to Indonesian climate than boer goat. In order to develop an optimal boerka population, the crossbreeding process beetwen the next generation has to observed very carefully. To support that purpose, the things needed are registration system for newborn livestock and data management system of pedigree of livestock. It could help the breeder to find a perfect seed for their goat. The newborn goatling will fitted with an RFID integrated electronic ear-tag. This unique ID number will be sent to an online database server together with the neccessary datas of the baby goat. These datas will online managed using website that operated by the breeders. In addition to livestock datas, the website also provides information about the goat farm, the owner, and also the migration or transaction of the livestocks from one to another farm or to the outside goat farm community.

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