International Journal of Software Engineering and Technologies (IJSET)

The International Journal of Software Engineering and Technologies ( IJSET) is a publication for researchers and developers to share ideas and results of software engineering and technologies. These journal publish some types of papers such as research papers reporting original research results, technology trend surveys reviewing an area of research in software engineering and technologies, survey articles surveying a broad area in software engineering and technologies. The scope covers all areas of software engineering methods and practices, object-oriented systems, rapid prototyping, software reuse, cleanroom software engineering, stepwise refinement/enhancement, ambiguity in software development, impact of CASE on software development life cycle, knowledge engineering methods and practices, formal methods of specification, deductive database systems,logic programming, reverse engineering in software design, expert systems, knowledge-based systems, distributed knowledge-based systems, knowledge representations, knowledge-based systems in language translation & processing, software and knowledge-ware maintenance, Software Specification and Modeling, Embedded and Real-time Software (ERTS), and applications in various domains of interest.

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