Computer Users Perceptions of Indonesian Online Bussines Webpage Based on Human Computer Interface

Made Sudarma


Nowadays, in this era of information technology personal computer is common usage in office and home purposes. Most of personal computer software applications use US-English for its user interface and not all countries use the computer instruction using the language of the country concerned. In general, the problems caused by conditions like this one is creates a semantic gap. Indonesian is also experiencing these problems which there are still many Indonesian people that cannot understand in computer English instructions. This gap may increase intensifies globalization. However, the semantic gap also creates end users market opportunity for Indonesian computer application with appropriate terminology. With proper terminology, making computer software applications will target of non-advanced users.
This paper researches on the potentials of an Indonesian online bussines web browser. A mocked-up clone of Mozilla Firefox 18.1 was made for the purpose of collecting questionnaire result from respondents. The respondents were computer course students which meet the criterions of non-advanced users. The test that was done states that simple straightforward translations should be adequate for most cases, although a standardization of terminologies is still required.


Computer Human Interface, Online Bussines, E-Commerce, Webpage

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