Development of Computed Tomography Scanner Application: Prototype Model Approach

Mohd Soyapi Mohd Yusoff, R. Sulaiman, K. Shafinah, R. Fatihah, J. Abdullah


The development of software application for image reconstruction system is essential in the research study of computed tomography (CT). An experimental prototype was the research tool used in developing a series of useful prototype to evaluate the reconstruction methods. A CT scanner software prototype was created using the MATLAB image processing toolbox together with the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Graphical User Interface Development Environment (GUIDE). The prototype model was selected to guide the development of the prototype application and mainly to provide a platform to update a system from the available knowledge. The prototype model was capable in creating a CT scanner synthetic datasets, display a sinogram image from the synthetic datasets, construct images using back projection technique and displaying cross-section images. Two types of images were acquired from this research, the first type was the unfiltered and blurred image and the second type was the filtered and clear image. This research also focused on two-dimensional parallel-beam and fan-beam geometry configuration; the principle of transforming fan-beam datasets into parallel-beam datasets was carried out using the classical rebinning concept.


Evolutionary; Fan-beam; Prototype; Radon Transform; GUIDE; Sinogram; CT Scanner

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