The Application of Thinning Zhang-Suen Method in the Image of Balinese Scripts on the Papyrus

Made Sudarma, Putu Sutramiani


One of the cultural heritage which are now starting to be forgotten is the papyrus library. Balinese papyrus is one of the media to write the ideas from minstrels in ancient times. Currently, many of ancient literature that written in papyrus very difficult to identify because the writings were beginning to rot or fade influenced by age. The introduction of Balinese scripts on papyrus can be done first by performing papyrus digitalization. The papyruses are scanned to become one image file. Further the papyrus image is done by Thresholding since prior to the thinning process it is required a binary image. The application of Thinning Zhang-Suen method is very effective because from the original image with 2 sub iteration until yielding in 1 pixel. The benefits of this research is to improve the quality of the image and further segmented to read papyrus making it easier to read text on the papyrus.


Balinese scripts, Papyrus digitalization, Thresholding, Binary image, Thinning Zhang-Suen

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