The Identification of Balinese Scripts’ Characters in Papyrus Based on Semantic Feature and K Nearest Neighbor

Made Sudarma, I Wayan Agus Surya Darma


Papyrus script is a cultural heritage in Bali. As we know, that the papyrus is a cultural matter which is rich in valuable cultural values. Issues or problems encountered today is that the papyrus are not well maintained. Thus, many papyrus becomes damaged because it is not stored properly. Papyrus script was written using Balinese script’s characters which having different features compared with Latin’s characters. Balinese script can be recognized with feature extraction owned by each Balinese script. KNN is a classification algorithm based on nearest neighborhood. KNN can be used to classify Balinese script’s features so that the test Balinese script’s features which having nearest neighborhood value with the trained Balinese script’s features will be recognized as the same Balinese script


Balinese script, Feature extraction, KNN

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