Testing Software Rejuvenation Policy for Time and Load Balancing Scheme in Complex System Using Deterministic-NDST Approach

Nagaraj G Cholli, Khalid Amin Shiekh, G N Srinivasan


Software rejuvenation has become a new horizon for increasing the system reliability and availability in a long run. One of the concept in software rejuvenation policy involves rebooting the system by suspending the disk and capturing the images of processes currently running in the system. In our rejuvenation policy we make use an intelligent time and load algorithm for deciding the optimal rejuvenation period. Since at any given time there can be n number of processes running in the system with different physical memory utilizations and variable workloads running, it becomes very vital to thoroughly test the system with highly chaotic and disruptive workloads. For this we use some non-traditional form of testing which we call non deterministic system testing (NDST) to test different features and conditions of system

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijset.v1i3.4581
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